Action 4

Capacity building

Action 4 consists of two individual activities:

Activity 4.1: Training.

Activity 4.2: Forum with participants to fine tuning the platform in operation.

In Activity 4.1 two training sessions will take place for specific target groups (2 training courses with 2 sets of printed material). The 1st training session will be for the competent authorities in order to promote capacity building and to promote the concept of Industrial Symbiosis and support by the platform. The 2nd training session will be for the personnel of companies that are expected to be involved in actual symVIOTic chain and hence use the platform for that purpose. It is foreseen that approximately 50 persons will participate at each training course.

In Activity 4.2 a focus group will be formed from the pool of potential users to review the functionality of the developed platform in operation. A focused questionnaire will be used to provide feedback on the system performance with results fed back to the Action/Activity managers for corrective action. It is anticipated that 20 persons from a wide range of companies in the target region will be used for this purpose.

NTUA has a great experience in organising training and focus group interviews, which will be organised in the course of the last 6 months of the project. A training handbook will be prepared, where relevant information on climate change as well as the adaptation plan will be contained. A presentation in non-technical language will be prepared that will be presented during the workshop to the participants.

The expected results from the implementation of Action 4 will be:

The main results of the Action 4 are the successful training of the personnel and the useful feedback to improve the platform performance.

Target: minimum of 80% satisfaction in feedback;

Progress Indicators:

The main indicators of the progress will be:

  • Number of participants to the training session

Target: minimum of 40 participants

  • Number of participants in the focus group discussion

Target: minimum 2 groups with at least 10 participants in each.

Last Update:

Project Budget

Total Project Budget: 1.763.295,00

EC Funding: 878.047€

(49,8% of Total Project Budget)

LIFE09 ENV/GR/000300

Development of knowledge-based web services to promote and advance Industrial Symbiosis in Europe with the contribution of the financial instrument LIFE of the European Union
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