Action 5

Dissemination of project activities and results

The coordinating beneficiary will coordinate all activities related to dissemination of all project activities and results in which all beneficiaries will take part and responsibility for respective domain and geographical region.

Action 5 includes a set of activities that will be developed and performed in order to achieve the highest level of dissemination of the project results at national, European and worldwide level.


Along with the service demonstration activities in Action 3, Activity 3.3, the coordinating beneficiary VIOT will ensure that all beneficiaries disseminate the progress and results to appropriate target groups and geographical regions. The target groups for dissemination of the project results and outcomes will be the competent authorities for environmental protection, local authority bodies responsible for waste management, processing industries, the scientific communities, private companies that are involved in the development of environmental studies, designs and operations of waste, research institutions and the public in beneficiary countries, as well as Europe wide and worldwide.

The means that will be used in the course of dissemination will include:

  • Project website: a website will be created from the initiation of the project where all relevant information will be uploaded. This website will be incorporated into the existing websites of all the beneficiaries of the project.
  • Information boards: 7 posters will be designed and created, so that all partners may erect it to their premises, in order to inform the general public as well as their employees. These posters will serve as information boards for the project’s activities, goals and results, and in particular: i) the initial poster will include information on the goals and planned activities of the project, also calling upon all individuals to actively participate and support it, ii) the interim poster will include information on the goals, planned activities as well as results of implemented actions up to that time, and iii) the final poster will include information on the goals, activities as well as results of all actions of the project.
  • Layman’s report: a Layman’s report will be drafted, which will contain executive summary information, of approximately 5-10 pages long, where the project will be presented, its objectives, its actions and its results for the general public. This report will be tailored for a broader audience and will serve to inform decision-makers and non-technical target groups regarding the objectives and the results achieved by the project. This report will also be published on the project website.
  • Final conference: one international conference will be organized in Viotia Region in order to disseminate all relevant information regarding the project, targeted at all audiences and target groups. All relevant parties from the beneficiaries countries (UK, Greece), from other neighbouring as well as from European countries will be invited. The international conference will be held during the last month of the project. Representatives from EU member states and other European countries will be invited and expected to participate in the conference. The Conference will be advertised through the project’s website and through e-mails to various organizations, international associations, universities, research institutes, industrial organisations etc. well in advance. There will be a call for papers as international research institutions and universities are expected to be involved in the dissemination activities of the project (more than 100 attendants and 200 reprints of proceedings).
  • Publications: publications will be made to environmental magazines, in order to inform the sectoral stakeholders. Press releases will be sent to newspapers in order to raise awareness among the consumers. Publications in national and international scientific journals and technical editions.
  • Other activities: this will include: i) printed material describing the project and its results. More specifically, 3 different leaflets and 3 different brochures will be prepared (3 * 2000 copies of leaflets and 3* 2000 copies of brochures), ii) personal meetings of the working groups with those interested in being informed about the project during the whole project implementation (competent authorities, private companies, researchers, scientists, local authorities, engineers), iii) organisation of meetings and establishment of information desk.
  • A leaflet regarding the project will be prepared and distributed to all the events, which will be organized. Also, a launching event which will take place at the kick-off meeting in order to inform all the relevant stakeholders of the project’s objectives and the ways these are planned to be achieved.

No significant constraints are envisaged for the effective implementation of this Action.

The beneficiary ENVI will be the overall responsible for the dissemination, NTUA will be responsible for organising the final conference, all in close collaboration with all the associated beneficiaries responsible for the technical parts of these events (preparation of training and informative material, provision of speakers for presentations etc.).

Expected Results:

The main results are the high dissemination level of the project methodology, its content and results to all the authorities and actors involved, the raising of the industrial symbiosis awareness, the promotion – adopting of a new collaborative approach and the familiarization of the actors involved in the field in relevant technologies.

Progress Indicators:

  • Number of participants in the launching event (Target: min. 50)
  • Number of participants in the final conference (Target: min 100)
  • Number of invited speakers in the final conference (Target: min. 12)
  • Number of countries which participate in the Conference (Target: min. 5)
  • Number of distributed copies of demonstration material (Target: min. 500)
  • Number of leaflets and brochures distributed (Target: min. 2000)
  • Number of copies of conference proceedings (Target: min. 80)
  • Number of publications in journals (Target: min. 3)
  • Scientific editions and conference (Target: min. 6)
  • Number of times the project website is updated (Target: min. 3)
  • Number of visitors of the project website (Target: min. 220 per month)
  • Number of actors, organizations and associations involved in the project through technical meetings and other meetings (Target: min. 50)
  • Number of other websites in which the project is mentioned (Target: min. 10).
Last Update:

Project Budget

Total Project Budget: 1.763.295,00

EC Funding: 878.047€

(49,8% of Total Project Budget)

LIFE09 ENV/GR/000300

Development of knowledge-based web services to promote and advance Industrial Symbiosis in Europe with the contribution of the financial instrument LIFE of the European Union
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