Action 7

Monitoring of project progress & effectiveness evaluation

Action 7 consists of two individual activities:

Activity 7.1: Development of End-of-Action Reports.

Activity 7.2: Evaluation of the performance indicators.

This Action aims at monitoring and evaluating the project’s progress and performance and at proposing corrective activities whenever deemed necessary so that the expected results and objectives of the project are met. The Action will be implemented during the whole duration of the project.


Activity 7.1: The coordinating beneficiary (VIOT) together with all the associated beneficiaries shall have the overall responsibility for monitoring and evaluation of the project progress and performance. The progress of all activities and Actions of the project, as well as of the effectiveness of the activities implemented with regard to the expected results, will be monitored through the performance indicators of each Action. For this reason, each action/activity managing representative will be responsible to prepare a short end-of-Action report and submit it to the Executive Committee for evaluation. The end-of-Action reports will contain information on the work done within the Action and comparison with the objectives that have been set up at the beginning of project will be made. The performance indicators will be used for quantitative results. Responsible for this activity will be each action/activity managing representative.

Activity 7.2: The Executive Committee will have the responsibility to evaluate the end-of-Action reports as well as the quantitative results of the performance indicators in order to assess the progress of the project. Each Member of the Executive Committee will be asked to provide a short feedback statement categorizing the report as: very good, good, satisfactory or non-satisfactory through a checklist that will be developed for this purpose. In case, Executive Committee concluded that the project objectives have not been achieved corrective actions will be taken. A phone meeting with the responsible associated beneficiaries for the Action/Activity will be organized ad hoc. For any important variations from the foreseen time schedule the European Commission will be notified and informed on the corrective actions that the Executive Committee has decided to undertake. Executive Committee will be responsible for this activity.

Although the project faces certain constraints and assumption as specified for different Actions, no constraints are expected for the process of monitoring of the project progress and measuring the effectiveness of evaluation since the beneficiaries have great experience in the implementation and management of national, European and international projects.

Expected results:

  • Evaluation and Monitoring of the project progress
  • Ensuring project objectives and targets are met
  • Evaluation of the project results
  • Development of 5 end-of-Action Reports
  • Creation of a Feedback checklist for the Co-ordination Group.

Progress Indicators:

  • On-time submission of all deliverables
  • Increase in the project’s progress measured through the performance indicators of all Actions
  • Decrease in the appearance of concerns and problems
  • Number of milestones on time (target: 90% of the milestones on time)
  • Number of problems identified and solved (target: 100% of the problems identified should be solved)
  • At least 90% of the initially set performance indicators are met.
Last Update:

Project Budget

Total Project Budget: 1.763.295,00

EC Funding: 878.047€

(49,8% of Total Project Budget)

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