Action 8

After-LIFE communication plan

After the end of the project, some of the deliverables will be used for the continuous promotion of the Industrial Symbiosis process:

  • The maintenance of the website, which will be created in the framework of this project, where all the information on Industrial Symbiosis and concomitant benefits and impacts will be published. This website will be continued after the end of the project and it will remain active and operational, since it will be placed on NTUA webserver. Thus, this action will ensure the continual awareness efforts for raising awareness of interested and involved parties in using and befitting from platform supporting IS in particular region(s).
  • Academic beneficiaries, NTUA and UoS, will utilize the expertise learned through this project to various relevant teaching curriculums and courses, which are taught to students, with the effort to disseminate this knowledge to young engineers, who may be called upon to implement related actions in the future. The continuing research in the area of further developing Industrial Symbiosis concept by these beneficiaries is also an imperative.

A detailed After-LIFE communication plan will be drafted describing all the actions implemented, in order to ensure the continuous promotion of the environmental campaign, which was conducted through this project.

Assumption is that all beneficiaries are interested in continuing work or exploiting benefits from the project outcomes. It is reasonably to anticipate that in the course of the project the ‘critical mass’ of interest and number of companies/institution will be sufficient to continue building IS community even if some beneficiaries loose interest to continue.

Expected results:

  • Continuation of research in the area of Industrial Symbiosis
  • Dissemination of project’s results.

Indicators of progress:

  • Number of published papers in the area of Industrial Symbiosis

Target: minimum of 1 journal and 2 conference papers in the course of 5 years after the project

  • Number of entities expressing interest to be included in a IS programme Target: minimum of 50 entities per year.
Last Update:

Project Budget

Total Project Budget: 1.763.295,00

EC Funding: 878.047€

(49,8% of Total Project Budget)

LIFE09 ENV/GR/000300

Development of knowledge-based web services to promote and advance Industrial Symbiosis in Europe with the contribution of the financial instrument LIFE of the European Union
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