Envireco Consulting

Envireco Consulting LTD (ENVI) is a company involved in the study and application of technologies related to the protection of the environment and the introduction of waste management technologies in Greece. Envireco anticipates significant opportunities to improve the management structure in Greece and the inclusion of new and advanced technologies.

ENVI has been heavily involved over the past 12 years in projects and project management working with Local Authorities in projects related to Renewable Energy sources, project management and execution.  It has acquired an immense amount of experience and expertise in all the above fields and has the potential to participate and coordinate complex and dedicated projects on almost all the environmental issues.

Last Update:

Project Budget

Total Project Budget: 1.763.295,00

EC Funding: 878.047€

(49,8% of Total Project Budget)

LIFE09 ENV/GR/000300

Development of knowledge-based web services to promote and advance Industrial Symbiosis in Europe with the contribution of the financial instrument LIFE of the European Union