Paul Innes Consulting Ltd

Paul Innes Consulting is a business and sustainability consultancy, established at the start of 2008.  Our main areas of work currently include:

  • Strategic waste planning, waste minimisation and resource efficiency, working with clients from private businesses to local and regional authorities
  • Training and advocacy, specialising in environment and sustainability - as a supplier to Thomas Telford Training (Institution of Civil Engineers) and direct to private companies and public bodies
  • Sustainability strategy and policy, particularly in the area of sustainable construction

Our business model is to deliver what is appropriate from our own expertise, and to support and extend this by working with a network of other consultants whose specialist areas are relevant, on a project-by-project basis.

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Συνολικός Προϋπολογισμός Έργου: 1.763.295,00

Συνεισφορά Ευρωπαϊκής Κοινότητας: 878.047€

(49,8% του συνολικού προϋπολογισμού)

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Ανάπτυξη γνωστικών διαδικτυακών υπηρεσιών για την προώθηση προηγμένων δικτύων βιομηχανικής συμβίωσης στην Ευρώπη